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Lakewood, Ohio, United States
I am originaly from Alexandria, Egypt, I have 2 sisters who were both born in Egypt, but my brother was born in America, both my parents were born in Egypt. I've lived most of my life in America for better learning in schools.I am Islamic and most of my friends are Christians.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I like poetry
Poetry is cool
4 me it's either poetry
Or living like a mule
I like poetry alot
If you write it really fun
Then it won't be boring
4 well -- Everyone
My insperation is my family
And my friend named Jing
She tought me how 2 do this
& alot of other things
I really enjoy doing this
2 write rhymes & 2 smile
And since I just wrote this 1
I won't write poems 4 awhile
The End