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I am originaly from Alexandria, Egypt, I have 2 sisters who were both born in Egypt, but my brother was born in America, both my parents were born in Egypt. I've lived most of my life in America for better learning in schools.I am Islamic and most of my friends are Christians.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Some Friends can be Girls
Some Friends could be Boys
Some Friends can make you Smile
And others can Annoy
Some Friends can be of Use
Some Friends can Entertain
Some friends are just plain Useless
And others are just Lame
But whether they are Cool
Or make you want to Drool
You've got to take it Easy
And be Friends
That way you're Friendship
Will never End
And now I'd like to name a Few
Eriana Gonzalez
Sidney Vega
Jing Feng
Logan Schrieber
Julian Long
Grace Cooper
Sara Ngo
Capri Whitlow
Bryce Jackson
Fatimah Al-Nasiry
Kayla Krouse
Alexis Pic
Dacota Griffin
Kimbley Dyer
Virginia Cordell
Radomir M.
Damian Kovach
Not in Friendship Order

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